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There’s a zillion reasons why you should be looking to buy a home for sale in Newport, or at least come and visit and see what we have to offer.

One amazing part of our history and heritage is the famous Newport Transporter Bridge.

It was built in 1906 and is one of only nine remaining transporter bridges that are still being used around the world.

If plans for funding are successful, it could offer a huge boost to our City’s economy.

Newport Council are wanting to carry out extensive repairs and upgrades on the bridge, so they’ve applied for a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Of course, there is competition for the grant from around the country but, if the £10 million funding bid is successful, Newport’s transporter bridge will be transformed into a 112-year-old thing of beauty.

There are also plans for an impressive looking visitors centre. You can check out the artist’s impression here.

It’s obviously not going to be a walk in the park. The council has to prove it can raise £1.25 million to match some of the funding.

But imagine what it will mean for Newport if the funding bid is successful!

The iconic bridge already attracts visitors from around the world. It there is a shiny new gondola, a revamped bridge and an informative visitor centre to boot, it will have a real impact on the number of tourists that pass through our city each summer.

Which, of course, will be beneficial to the local businesses.

I also presume that, if funding is secured and the renovations go ahead, it will create new job opportunities. Another plus!

So, please join me in keeping your fingers crossed that our bid is successful.