Bluestone newport estate agent office

If you are looking to put your home up for sale, either in Newport or anywhere for that matter, you no doubt have a list of things to do that are battling for attention in your mind.

We have heard – and I have probably told you! – a zillion times that the first things people look at are kitchens and bathrooms. The condition of these can definitely sway a purchase decision in either direction. Neutral colours and lack of clutter also help people to imagine themselves living in a property. It’s also important to remember the garden, this should be another priority, especially if you are looking to sell your house this Spring.

Seriously, I am not making this up. A well-kept garden could not only be a buyer’s deciding factor when they choose whether to buy or not to buy but may also add value to your property!

Of course, first impressions are everything.

Believe it or not, I’ve got friends who pulled up outside a potential new home several years ago, only to find the front garden full of broken toys, more weeds than you can shake a stick at and – yes, you guessed it – a broken shopping trolley.

They were polite enough to wait for the estate agent, but only to say thanks but no thanks. They didn’t even bother to make it over the threshold.

I am obviously not going to undermine your intelligence to tell you this is a big no no! What I will say, however, is it can go beyond just a general tidy up.

BBQ season is just around the corner (assuming, that is, that the glorious weather over the Bank Holiday will return at some point) and potential buyers will be looking for a space that they can enjoy over the coming months.

But what do they look for?

According to a survey from the Home Retail Group, two-fifths of Britons wouldn’t even consider a home if it didn’t have a sufficient garden. And one in seven homeowners believe their garden has added more value to their property than they invested in it.

A garden should be well lit (no one likes dark, creepy corners!), well maintained and pretty to look at. But don’t go over the top and create anything too elaborate or swanky, as not everyone has the same taste.

Plus, some people don’t like gardening, so if it looks (and is!) easy to maintain, that may well add to the desirability. You don’t want people worrying that they are going to have to spend every weekend gardening!

Make sure the grass is well cut and the patio area boasts, perhaps, some pretty lanterns and nice garden furniture. That helps people envisage the scene of their future get togethers on said patio.

South facing gardens are a real plus as buyers will be able to picture themselves enjoying the sunshine from Spring through to Autumn. (Not much use to you if yours faces North, I know, but worth bearing in mind when looking for your new home!)

Privacy is also a plus to a lot of people. You might be great friends with next door, but that doesn’t mean the new owners may not rather have a higher fence! (Fences up to 2 metres high don’t require additional permits).

Make sure the fence has a fresh lick of paint before your house hits the market too. Decking create the illusion of space. Again though, make sure it is well maintained.

It’s also a good idea to define areas, such as an eating area, a BBQ area and a greenhouse or shed at the other end of the garden. Well defined areas help people more easily envision themselves using the space.

So, get out the mower and secateurs and put on your thinking caps as to the best way to lay out the space and give your garden some TLC before you get in touch with an estate agency.