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energy saving tips

We have been really lucky to experience such a lovely, warm and sunny summer this year.

Unfortunately, though, Autumn is almost upon us and winter will be close on its heels.

So, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it is probably time to start thinking about conserving energy, to help us all stay warm this winter without wracking up huge bills (which no one likes!)

It’s easy to overuse energy once it gets cold out but here are a few practical tips that will help to keep the heat up and costs down.

Shut that door!

Larry Grayson (for those of you young enough to remember him!) was right when he said ‘shut that door’! Closing internal doors will trap heat in each room. This will mean warming the house will take less energy. Thick mats or draught excluders will stop draughts from sneaking under door gaps to keep things even cosier.

Watch what you wear

If you turn your thermostat down just one degree, you could save over £50 a year! So, hunt out those woolly jumpers and fluffy slippers, as opposed to cranking the heat up and wandering round in your shorts as though you are on holiday in the Bahamas!

Pre plan your meals

The oven heats up to the same temperature no matter how many casseroles you have in there. So why not plan ahead so you can cook several meals at once and save on energy? It will also help to make the working week easier if you simply need to come home and reheat dinner!

Use the heat

When you have finished cooking, leave the oven door open and make use of all that excess heat to help warm the house up! The extractor fan won’t thank you for that extra warmth, but your feet will!

Fill the fridge

Do your fridge a favour and make sure it is well stocked. An empty fridge wastes more energy than a full one, because if there isn’t much in there, the poor fridge has to work extra hard to keep everything cool. So, it’s a great excuse to stock up on all your favourite chilled goodies! 

Your hob can help

When cooking on the hob top, make sure you use the appropriate size ring for the pan. A small pan on a large ring wastes a lot of energy. Likewise, a large pan on a small ring isn’t very energy friendly either.

Consistency is key

Try to keep your heating at a consistent temperature. That is far more energy efficient than turning it on and off because boilers use a lot of energy trying to warm up once they’ve gone cold.

Throw on a throw!

Nothing beats curling up under a warm blanket in front of the TV when it’s chilly out. So, invest in a nice warm throw to cosy up under on those wintery evenings.

Lower the pressure

Did you know that power showers often use more water than it does to fill the bath?! No, I didn’t either but, apparently, it’s true! So, they obviously can cost a lot to run! The good news is that a small investment in a water efficient shower head can help save you some money whilst you’re singing in the shower.

Air dry

Don’t waste energy sticking on the tumble dryer when the heating is on. Make use of the heat and get a clothes maiden to airdry your clothes. Don’t place clothes directly on the radiators though, as that will block the heat and your boiler will have to work harder.

Let the heat out

Not blocking the heat from radiators doesn’t just relate to your smalls. You also need to make sure that no furniture is blocking the heat. If you do have a sofa or chair in front of a heat source, that will absorb a lot of the warmth, which will make a room colder and make it take much longer to warm up. (Basically, blocking radiators is not energy efficient and, hence, will cost your more!)

Stay cool

Using the washing machine at 30-40 degrees will save energy and money. 90% of the machine’s energy is used to heat the water.

Unplug appliances

Did you know that appliances still use some energy when plugged in, even if they are switched off? Well, they do, so make sure you unplug things when they are not in use.

Draught proof

Use your curtains to help keep your house warm. Open them on sunny days to let some heat flood in from the sun. Likewise, make sure they are drawn to help keep the heat in when it’s chilly out.

You can also use draught proofing strips on windows and doors. Letterbox brushes and even purpose made keyhole covers can help stop draughts too.

Stop heat from rising

If you’ve got high ceilings, considering putting a shelf above the radiators to keep heat in the middle of the room, because heat instinctively rises.

You might also want to explore cavity wall insulation and insulating your attic to trap heat inside your home. This could save you over £100 pounds each year.

Get rid of the old boiler

It’s probably time for a new, more efficient boiler if your existing one is over 15 years old. Switching could save you in the region of £350 a year.

If all else fails and you can’t bear the thought of another winter in your current house, get in touch with us here at Bluestone Sales and Lettings and let us help you find a new, cosy home for you!