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100% mortgages
  • Date : 08-01-2019

100% mortgages have been pretty thin on the ground since the UK’s major financial crisis which, believe it or not, was a decade ago! Yes, 100% mortgages have existed in the meantime, but they have been few and far between and usually come with a catch. No surprise really, considering the credit crunch saw thousands […]

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buying a property
  • Date : 23-10-2018

If you’ve bought a property in the past, you’ll know it’s pretty stressful. Not that I want to put you off if you’re new to the process. Because, on the flip side, it can also be an exciting and enjoyable experience. Of course, if you don’t understand the process, you can be left a little […]

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  • Date : 10-07-2018

Buying a home is a minefield of legalities, terms and conditions, even for seasoned homeowners. So, I imagine it’s pretty mind blowing for first time buyers! For all those out there about to dip their toes in the property market for the first time, I thought I’d offer you the lowdown on some of the […]

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regeneration in newport
  • Date : 05-06-2018

The property market can be pretty volatile, taking into account the demand for homes, the economy and more. So, it’s pretty difficult to predict house price trends, even at the best of times. Of course, Brexit is still all up in the air and we don’t really have a clue where the negotiations are heading. […]

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st julians newport
  • Date : 01-05-2018

Based on the assumption that you listen to me, you should know by now that Newport is a great place to live and work. The question is, if you’re looking for a home for sale in Newport or even somewhere to rent, where do you choose to put down roots? It’s definitely not an easy […]

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  • Date : 14-03-2018

Let’s face facts. Buying a new home isn’t cheap. You’d have to be Rockerfeller – or totally disillusioned – if you thought otherwise! The problem is, the cost doesn’t stop with the purchase of the house itself. There are a lot of hidden costs that can soon add up. In fact, tot up the figures […]

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newport house prices increase, selling your property in newport top tips
  • Date : 06-03-2018

When it comes to buying a home, a lot of it comes down to personal taste. I don’t know if it’s because of my experience as an agent here at Bluestone Sales & Lettings and constantly viewing houses for sale in Newport or not, but I am pretty good at looking past the clutter in […]

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house survey
  • Date : 20-02-2018

Surveys. Depending on your age (and/or frame of mind) when you think of surveys you might conjure up the image of people accosting you on the street ‘for a quick survey’, reams of paper that come through the mail from companies asking for feedback or, more recently, pop up surveys from companies online. Or if […]

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  • Date : 13-02-2018

When looking for a new home, it’s not always easy to find something that ticks all the boxes. I hear it time and time again when showing people around homes for sale in Newport. ‘I love the bedrooms but….’, ‘the kitchen is perfect but…’. That ‘but’ can make or break a decision as to whether […]

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  • Date : 01-02-2018

There’s no doubt about it…. Buying your first home is a thrilling milestone in life. The problem is, because it’s such a big deal, it is very easy to get caught up in the excitement of beautifying the place to make it your own. You know what I mean… planning where to hang pictures on […]

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