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  • Date : 31-01-2019

The winter blues. It’s definitely a real thing that affects a lot of people. Newport has so much to offer in the way of parks and green space it’s great to be out and about and at one with nature. There’s no doubt about it. Enjoying the fresh air in a picturesque spot is good […]

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  • Date : 04-12-2018

As you may be aware, Universal Credit is a benefit that supports those on low income or people who are out of work. It’s something that crops up in the news pretty regularly, so it wouldn’t be of any great surprise to hear that people are often a little confused by all the changes and […]

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buying a property
  • Date : 23-10-2018

If you’ve bought a property in the past, you’ll know it’s pretty stressful. Not that I want to put you off if you’re new to the process. Because, on the flip side, it can also be an exciting and enjoyable experience. Of course, if you don’t understand the process, you can be left a little […]

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property tips
  • Date : 10-10-2018

Autumn is upon us and winter will be hot (no sarcasm intended) on its heels. And, because we know how quickly time seems to pass, it’s worth thinking about how you will prepare your home for the seasons ahead. Keep on top of your roof We’ve already had some Autumnal showers but if you’ve had […]

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  • Date : 31-07-2018

There’s a zillion reasons why you should be looking to buy a home for sale in Newport, or at least come and visit and see what we have to offer. One amazing part of our history and heritage is the famous Newport Transporter Bridge. It was built in 1906 and is one of only nine […]

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buyer tips
  • Date : 17-07-2018

Are you an empty nester who feels they are rattling round in a too big, empty house now the kids have flown the coup? Perhaps cleaning your spacious house is becoming too much of a chore and you want to spend less time vacuuming and more enjoying your free time doing things you love? (Let’s […]

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  • Date : 10-07-2018

Buying a home is a minefield of legalities, terms and conditions, even for seasoned homeowners. So, I imagine it’s pretty mind blowing for first time buyers! For all those out there about to dip their toes in the property market for the first time, I thought I’d offer you the lowdown on some of the […]

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  • Date : 19-06-2018

If you are looking at making some investments, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if at least one person has suggested buy-to-let property as a viable opportunity. Property definitely provides the potential for long-term investment and growth. And if you’re renting out the property you invest in, you can earn some extra cash from it […]

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regeneration in newport
  • Date : 05-06-2018

The property market can be pretty volatile, taking into account the demand for homes, the economy and more. So, it’s pretty difficult to predict house price trends, even at the best of times. Of course, Brexit is still all up in the air and we don’t really have a clue where the negotiations are heading. […]

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newport property market
  • Date : 03-04-2018

As a bit of a champion for Newport, I’ve been telling people for ages what a fantastic city it is. And we now have a new feather in our cap to further support my claims… Newport has recently been pegged as the fastest-moving property market in Britain. It now takes just 52 days for the […]

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